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The acoustic component damper is developed under direct technical instructions and certifications from SIEMENS.

The operating mechanism of the damper is generally an emergency response shutdown threshold aiming to isolate and put out the burning flammable gas inside the enclosure. Carbon dioxide extinguishing system is intended to be equipped in most enclosures and activated by fire alarm system to start water spraying.

Name Available Value(s)

Can be applied to various areas of combustible gas protection, ventilation and air intake system is a good supporting accessories products.

Ventilation system of natural gas machine

Marine Power air intake and exhaust system

Ventilator of the room box for flammable gas

Gas turbine air inlet intake system

Ventilation system of the Burning gas machine


Determine the installation location of the fireproof damper

The size of the fireproof damper, and the size of the flange at both ends are presented

Operating temperature

Environmental conditions


The damper was designed with safety in mind and reduces operational hazards and maintenance costs while increasing uptime for more direct power generation. With the assistance of damper to shutdown vent system, the burning chemical reaction can be easily terminated to secure the safety of expensive gas turbine facility. The whole structure consists of electric executor, metal framework and metal louver. The executor provides precise high pressure air control which is capable of sustaining high impact occurred during damper shutdown to achieve fast fire extinguishing. 

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