InGreen Technology Inc. is dedicated to developing innovative products to control noise and vibration. We possess the Successful experience of supplying with our products to the well known clients, such as GE, SIEMENS, MDS, ALSTOM, Mitsubishi Hitachi, MTU, CENCO, etc.

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Weather Resistant Fixed Louver

The weather resistant static louver is developed by years of devotion and dedication. The auxiliary louver component is a good match with our other style products and has the advantage of weather resistance and delicate looking at ventilation opening.

The louver consists of metallic bended framework, and metallic thin shell louver with cross-sectional water drop looking. The surface of the vane is coated with the painting film of the same type as other facilities to achieve uniform appearance for overall system.

Since it provides a low pressure drop, the outstanding flow performance can be easily achieved to a pressure drop ratio of louver to system is below 5% through appropriate configuration.  Auxiliary component requirements of louver can be fulfilled through our specific design to ensure uniform appearance at the point when any ducting or silencer purchase order is placed. 

Name Available Value(s)

Operating temperature range -40 ℃ -600 ℃. Can be applied to the muffler or sound insulation channels supporting the various fields, is the muffler or noise channel has a rain or beautiful requirements of a good matching accessories products.

  • Gas turbine intake system
  • Gas turbine ventilation system
  • Diesel engine inlet and outlet
  • Blower, axial fan and other fan into the outlet
  • Air compressor into the exhaust system
  • Boiler blower into the exhaust system
  • Air conditioning unit into the outlet
  • Marine Powerr of exhaust system / intake system
  • Kitchen exhaust system
  • Mine ventilation system

Other Products

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