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GT Unit Acoustic Enclosure & Underbase

Our acoustic enclosure business has been carried out for more than two decades and boomed with the development of gas turbines.

We have Integrated the extensive designing and manufacturing experience for more than tens of gas turbines manufacturers, and developed designing and production capability for over 150 models of acoustic enclosures for gas turbines, diesel generators, air compressors, and electric motors etc.

Based on the comprehensive understand the operation and maintenance of equipment and guaranteed the equipment under the reliable performance, noise can be attenuated to the lowest level as statutory requirements in a wide range of industrial applications, and the interior temperature can be controlled within the operation required condition. We become a leading manufacturer with cutting-age technology in providing acoustic enclosure for worldwide power and energy facilities.

Gas turbine acoustic enclosure series:

Acoustic enclosure with protruding arranged door,

Acoustic enclosure with flat-arranged door,

Mobile acoustic enclosure (including vehicle carrying and container types) .

Name Available Value(s)

The frame adopts rectangular tube, H-shaped steel and other profiles as the force components, the outer panel of the panel adopts 2 ~ 3mm thick surface flat cold plate, the inner plate is 1.0mm thick micro-perforated paint plate, the middle filled with ultra-fine glass fibbers cotton Wrapped glass cloth or cut mats, making the glass fibbers in the orifice smooth and beautiful, no wrinkles phenomenon, orifice plate with the outer wall board with a core rivet connection, rivets arranged neatly uniform.

If the sound insulation requirements of more than 40 decibels, you need to increase the partition, the thickness of the partition according to the sound insulation and sound insulation frequency to determine the sound insulation can be as high as 60dBA.

The whole box is made of rainproof seal, according to the user's requirements to set the sound barrier door, air inlet, air inlet, exhaust, exhaust, and according to the heat dissipation inside the box design, including fan selection, fire Elbow, muffler, rain louvers, into the air filter, making the box has a good ventilation function, the unit running the box at all temperatures to meet user requirements.

Flat door-type sound insulation box on both sides are columns and soundproof doors, sound barrier doors and the outer surface of the box flush, when each sound barrier doors are open, the entire gas turbine, generators and other equipment, Space open, easy to maintain, the box wall from the device 100mm, saving space, the box smaller. The box does not require personnel through the space, personnel can be outside the box to carry out maintenance of equipment.

Inlet and outlet, vent, inlet and outlet according to the need to set, according to the cabinet of the gas turbine, generators and other equipment to set the amount of heat and ventilation into the exhaust system, the chassis and the box is a separate assembly relationship. So that the box can be done very small and compact. For power less than 50000KW unit, is a good choice.


The integral enclosure is a complete whole box, according to the needs of maintenance set the acoustic door, the box can be left through the space, in the box on the gas turbine and other power equipment for simple maintenance, The enclosure around the sound barrier door set less, most of the box is reflected in the wall, air intake, exhaust, ventilation and import and export according to the need to set, according to the cabinet of the gas turbine, generators and other equipment cooling The amount of ventilation and the provision of ventilation and muffler system, the chassis and the box is a separate assembly relationship. So that the volume of the box is larger, but as long as less than the maximum size of road transport requirements, or acceptable, but also a good choice.


Split acoustic enclosure  CLXTD series of models for the sound box, mainly because the volume is too large, can not be the overall transport, or the overall transport costs are too high, and design components, the scene assembled into a box. Split box must have the characteristics of on-site assembly convenience, then in the factory have to complete the assembly relationship between the accuracy of each other to ensure the smooth assembly of the scene. Under normal circumstances, pre-assembly in the production plant, and then with the drilling of each assembly bolt holes to ensure that the scene of the assembly connection. In the case of small quantities, the design of positioning tooling, to ensure that the assembly relationship between each other. The biggest advantage of the split box is to greatly reduce the transportation costs, and internal combustion engines, generators and other large equipment overhaul needs to be out of the box, the wall can be assembled to ensure large pieces of easy maintenance, requiring high precision machining After assembly beautiful.



Mobile acoustic enclosure

     Mobile acoustic enclosure  for the CLXTE series of models of the sound box, which mainly consider the convenience of transport needs, or in accordance with the car box design, and fixed on the truck beam, the appearance of the appearance of the formation of car, body. It is equipped with gas turbine generator or diesel generator set and other equipment and intake and exhaust muffler filtration system, into the exhaust system, fuel tank, retractable wheel, etc., all integrated in the container, easy to move, can be used as a mobile generator use. Its high degree of integration, can reduce the noise to 75dBA below the acoustic characteristics and good aerodynamic characteristics, making it a lot of technical difficulties, research and development cycle is longer, generally forming a prototype 150 days cycle. Its advantage is small size, light weight, easy to move and load.



The engine unit chassis is composed of outer frame, main bearing beam, gas turbine bearing, generator bearing, auxiliary beam, floor and so on. It is responsible for fixing and supporting the combustion engine and generator. The formation of closed sound insulation.

The outer frame will be connected with the box, the main bearing beam through the beam on the support plate and the gas turbine, generator and other connections to form the unit. Gas turbine, generators and other installation surface accuracy is very high, to ensure assembly coordination and the relative position of the turbine and the generator and coaxial. In order to prevent future use of the chassis deformation, must be removed by vibration to remove the welding stress, or annealing to remove the welding stress, in order to ensure the installation of combustion engines and generators and other location accuracy, the entire chassis should be large-scale coordinate CNC milling machine processing to ensure that the installation and The accuracy of the mounting hole is 0.1mm. The design of the chassis is mainly designed according to the needs of the installation of the engine and the generator, the installation of the auxiliary equipment, the installation of the auxiliary equipment, the oil circuit and the circuit position. There are many functions on the chassis , Cable trough, fuel tank and other requirements.

In addition to the rational design of the design of the insulation box, the structural strength of the whole box must be calculated, the drop strength calculation, the fatigue calculation, the thermal stress calculation, the acoustic calculation, the natural frequency analysis, the flow field analysis and calculation, the temperature Field distribution calculation, wind load calculation, spreader strength calculation.

Sound Attenuation




















Add Acoustic Panel










  • Suitable for gas turbine (GT) generator unit, GT compressor unit, GT cycle generator unit, GT vehicle generator unit and GT drive unit of all kinds.
  • Applicable for GT unit with power level from 10 to 300MW.
  • Applicable for GT unit working at various environments as desert, offshore platform, coast, inland and cold zone.
  • Applicable for GT unit and package manufacturing factory. Available to realize customer requirements regarding specific GT model, technical parameters and specifications.


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