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Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Engine Generator Set

We design and manufacture all kinds of acoustic enclosure for Diesel Engine Generator set to control the noise and strive to achieve desired noise level. Our designed acoustic enclosures are applicable in power generation plant, industrial sites, oil and gas plant, other industries & other manufacturing units where noise level is quite high.

we deliver acoustic enclosures, customized for the particular situation, for both indoor and outdoor use. We offer complete designing of acoustic enclosure and engineering support including long-life design, ease in dismantling, and high acoustic effectiveness. If desired, we deliver the enclosure including entire electrical control system, ventilation system as well as other accessories according to the clients’ requirements.

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Nowadays, combined with comprehensive strength on engine and aviation, our company invests funds and technical elites to design a series of Noise Elimination Auxiliary Equipment for diesel generator sets. New series of diesel generator auxiliary equipment will avoid the defects which normal products had have and be the most advanced product both in domestic and aboard in terms of technical performance, manufacturing process, quality, and price. With standard measurements, the sound level outside of the chassis is less than 65 dBA without high temperature problem. The power loss is small, so that the generator can reach its standard power, and run regularly. We gained high praise from National Grid and Shanghai Telecom for our quality products.

We manufacture a wide variety of customized enclosures, including sound attenuating, weather resistant for Diesel Engine Generator Set. Pre-assembled, pre-integrated and delivered as part of the entire power system, these enclosures are designed to fast installation and reduce costs. Enclosures are fabricated of steel or aluminum, which is preferred in coastal regions or other environments corrosion concern.


>Easy access to all major generator and engine control components for servicing

> Fully-house, enclosed exhaust silencer ensures safety and protects against rust

> Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and tank are pre-assembled, pre-integrated and shipped as one package, saving time and labor costs

> All-steel construction with stainless steel hardware offers durability

Diesel generator set placed in the outdoors, the need to do the basis of the unit and the box, you can use the chassis without silencer integrated box, to achieve the purpose of silencing rain.

Diesel generator set in the room, the room in the air side of the wall must be set larger than the inlet muffler section of the inlet, and equipped with rain louvers, or electric insulation shutter doors for antifreeze, in front of the diesel engine exhaust Corresponding to the wall to open better than the exhaust muffler cross section of the exhaust. When the diesel generator set and the silencer integrated enclosure are installed, the exhaust muffler is placed in the wall and does not protrude from the surface of the external wall and is equipped with rainproof louvers or electric louvers. The exhaust smoke muffler outlet pipe connected to the external wall, so that you can suck from the room outside the fresh air, through the water tank for heat exchange, the air is heated out of the room after the wall, after burning smoke is also outside the room.

Note: The air inlet and exhaust port outlet can not be on the side of the wall to prevent flue gas or hot air.


  • Suitable for all diesel generators, compressors, co-generator units, vehicle carrying diesel generator units and other dynamic facilities using diesel power
  • Suitable for diesel units with rated power from decades to thousands of watts.
  • Suitable for diesel units in all application environments as desert, offshore platform, coastal area, continent, extremely cold regions.
  • Customized technical specifications are available as well

Equipment such as diesel engine, Steam Engine, diesel generator sets, diesel propulsion machine, the higher noise, for diesel machinery noise are generally 105-110dBA, exhaust noise up to 125-130 dBA. Mainly mechanical noise.

Consider the factors: the volume of the engine, the air volume of the fan, the temperature of the exhaust gas, the position of the unit installation, the position of the control panel, the noise level of the sound source equipment, the noise distribution, the noise spectrum, the maintenance needs the opening size and position, Processing requirements, and so on technical conditions and requirements.

Unit optional parts: self-cleaning system, electric blinds.


Sku List

Sku Name length (mm) width (mm) height (mm) weight (kg) Sound Insulation Volume (db) Air Volume (m³/min) Diesel Generator Unit power range (KW)
CLXZT-100 CLXZT-100 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 7302 1564 2286 3858 35 0-220 <100
CLXZT-200 CLXZT-200 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 7622 1564 2286 4284 35 220-380 100-200
CLXZT-400 CLXZT-400 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 8024 1911 2680 5837 35 380-760 200-400
CLXZT-600 CLXZT-600 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 8890 2303 3072 6384 35 760-1060 400-600
CLXZT-1000 CLXZT-1000 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 10182 2382 3266 7038 35 1060-1490 600-1000
CLXZT-1600 CLXZT-1600 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 10280 2740 3446 9191 35 1490-2300 1000-1600
CLXZT-2000 CLXZT-2000 Integral Acoustic Enclosure 12700 3231 3844 11356 35 2300-3180 1600-2000

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