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Pulse-jet (Self-cleaning) Air Filtration System

Our air filtration system is designed in accordance with international standard and has been applied in practical use for decades. The air filtration design is offered vertical or horizontal configuration, which is custom designed and engineered to provide maximum protection for your gas turbine. 

The upright filter system is the most commonly used for purifying air in the gas turbine intake and consists of rain cover/inertia separator/ filter cartridge/cartridge support/blow pipe/ air storage/ blow valve/ filter chamber /air collection chamber/transition duct/electric cabinet. In contrast, the horizontal design is low-cost and more suitable for application in desert, which consists of filter cartridge/ support/ blow pipe/air storage/blow valve/filter chamber/air collection chamber/transition duct/electric cabinet.



Name Available Value(s)

The operating temperature ranges from -40℃ to 70℃. The system is suitable for all applications aiming to clean air and vacuum dust at room temperature especially in desert area or dust intensive environment. InGreen offer our innovative technology for all kind of sources:

  • Gas Turbine Intake Filter
  • Gas Turbine Inlet Filter
  • Diesel Engine Intake & Inlet Filter
  • Air Filter Facility Intake Filter
  • Compressor Intake Filter
  • Air Conditioner Intake Filter
  • Intake & Inlet Filter for Facilities Used in Desert
  • Marine Inlet/Intake Filter
  • Subway Ventilation Filter
  • Restaurant/Hotel/Commercial Building Central Air Conditioner Inlet Filter
  • Industrial/Residential Dust Vacuum System
  • Food Processing Dust Filtration
  • Pharmaceutical Air Cleaning
  • Cigarette Manufacturing Dust Filtration

Our air filter back self-cleaning system is designed to have credible quality with low cost and considerable reliability. We provide reliable air filtration products favored by international corporations, which would also become an absolute choice for all customers.

Main equipment such as gas turbine, diesel engine, air separator, air compressor, transmission, and HVAC. Engineers of R&D department may meet the air intake or air inlet issue when they working on the filtration system for the equipment or operation process to increase the use of life cycle. Therefore, the air filtration will directly affect the evaluation of equipment. Increasing the air quality and purity are the research and develop the direction of many equipment manufacturers and package producers.

For the equipment in the research and development process, the air intake and inlet flow rate, air purity level, air temperature, the flow resistance loss after filtration, installation location, the size of the connection and flange size between intake or inlet filtration system are all the technical conditions and requirement.

According to the intake or inlet air flow rate to select the model of the filtration system, and the flow rate of filtration system should be greater than air flow rate of air intake and inlet system.  Optional selection such as desalination device, air intake cooling device, intake anti-icing device, intake muffler, damper and so on. We will provide the professional selection advice based on the customers' requirement.


Design parameters: dust level, particle status, the degree of dust source dispersion, dust space environment, dust substances, the degree of purification required, according to the above parameters for selection.

First, the air temperature must be in the -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ can use this filter system, and then according to dust purification requirements, select the filter paper and filter type, and filter the air flow, select the number of filter; or according to the degree of space purification, select The number of ventilation, a clear filter air flow, select the number of cartridge, according to the number of cartridge and space layout to see the specification table to select the appropriate filter system model.

Weather hood: Q235 shell, Inertia separator: plastic model, Cartridge: imported filter cartridge or standard cartridge with imported filter material, Support/Blow pipe/Air storage: stainless pipe, Blow valve: oversea/joint venture brand, Filter chamber/Air collection chamber/Transition duct: welded metallic plate with sandblasting and coating as surface finish. Electric component: joint venture brand. The back blow component works on the principle that when the minus pressure has reached a certain value and been detected by sensor in the air collection chamber, the blow action would be back-matically activated on a periodical schedule.

The back blowing regime has provided sufficient protection for GT or other facilities from working at pressure overflow. Inertia separator blocks large bulk of dust. Salt mist removal device absorbs Na ion or salt mist in the air. Water cooler acts as water spray at the intake duct to cool down the intake air temperature through evaporating water and thus enhance gas turbine performance. The ice removal heater clears out ice condensed on the filter by warm gas after combustion. The electric cabinet ensures all the procedures operating on the basis of default programs. The manufacturing procedures of the air filter system are all in accord with universal international quality requirements in design, fabricating, quality assurance and after-sale support.


Sku List

Sku Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) 滤筒排列( Long direction) 滤筒排列( Width direction) 滤筒数 Rate of flow (m3/s) 外板厚度 (mm) Flange types
CLGLW-04/05 CLGLW-04/05 2400 3000 2800 4 5 20 15.6 3.0 A
CLGLW-04/06 CLGLW-04/06 2400 3000 3300 4 6 24 18.7 3.0 A
CLGLW-04/07 CLGLW-04/07 2400 3000 3800 4 7 28 21.8 3.0 A
CLGLW-04/08 CLGLW-04/08 2400 3000 4300 4 8 32 25.0 3.0 A
CLGLW-08/05 CLGLW-08/05 4605 3000 2800 8 5 40 31.2 3/4 B
CLGLW-08/06 CLGLW-08/06 4605 3000 3300 8 6 48 37.4 3/4 B
CLGLW-08/07 CLGLW-08/07 4605 3000 3800 8 7 56 43.7 3/4 B
CLGLW-08/08 CLGLW-08/08 4605 3000 4300 8 8 64 49.9 3/4 B
CLGLW-08/09 CLGLW-08/09 4605 3000 4800 8 9 72 56.2 3/4 B
CLGLW-08/10 CLGLW-08/10 4605 3000 5300 8 10 80 62.4 3/4 B
CLGLW-08/11 CLGLW-08/11 4605 3000 5800 8 11 88 68.6 4.0 B/C
CLGLW-08/12 CLGLW-08/12 4605 3000 6300 8 12 96 74.9 4.0 B/C
CLGLW-12/08 CLGLW-12/08 6810 3000 4300 12 8 96 74.9 4.0 B/C
CLGLW-12/10 CLGLW-12/10 6810 3000 5300 12 10 120 93.6 4.0 B/C
CLGLW-12/12 CLGLW-12/12 6810 3000 6300 12 12 144 112.3 4/5 B/C
CLGLW-12/14 CLGLW-12/14 6810 3000 7300 12 14 168 131.0 4/5 C
CLGLW-16/12 CLGLW-16/12 9015 3000 6300 16 12 192 149.8 4/5 C
CLGLW-16/14 CLGLW-16/14 9015 3000 7300 16 14 224 174.7 5.0 C
CLGLW-16/16 CLGLW-16/16 9015 3000 8300 16 16 256 199.7 5.0 C
CLGLW-16/18 CLGLW-16/18 9015 3000 9300 16 18 288 224.6 5.0 C
CLGLW-16/20 CLGLW-16/20 9015 3000 10300 16 20 320 249.6 5.0 C
CLGLW-20/18 CLGLW-20/18 11220 3000 9300 20 18 360 280.8 5.0 C
CLGLW-20/22 CLGLW-20/22 11220 3000 11300 20 22 440 343.2 5.0 C
CLGLW-20/26 CLGLW-20/26 11220 3000 13300 20 26 520 405.6 5.0 C

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