InGreen Technology Inc. is dedicated to developing innovative products to control noise and vibration. We possess the Successful experience of supplying with our products to the well known clients, such as GE, SIEMENS, MDS, ALSTOM, Mitsubishi Hitachi, MTU, CENCO, etc.

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Acoustic Engineering Service

Since the foundation, the corporation has devoted all its effort to the acoustic engineering service which includes project investigation, onsite inspection, acoustic evaluation, acoustic design, technical exchange, construction drawing design, acoustic product supply, and onsite installation & commissioning and completion acceptance. Our clients have been rewarded with the most optimizing acoustic solution. We have been certified by assessment organizations with A level national qualification of design and qualification of environmental engineering construction after participating in acoustic engineering for decades. The participation in the following projects as major national acoustic engineering programs, acoustic engineering code standardization program, backup power acoustic engineering for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games & National Information Technology Industrial Zone, Montreal civic aero engine test bed and Nigel oil field power station project have been added to our honor list.

We have been benefited from a group of skillful design engineers who are committed to provide the best acoustic solutions for our clients and technical support to various acoustic research institutions to reduce noise to the desired level. The air dynamic analysis, structural stress and strength analysis, acoustic analysis have been carried out in each project in favor of design optimization and retrofit to minimize customer investment to a cost-effective level.

What’s more, we accumulated extensive experience with development and design, manufacturing, quality control and experimentation testing. As a result, we are capable of providing the most helpful support in selections of silencers applied to acoustic engineering.

In addition, we have educated professional installation personnel and established project management group to manipulate project procedure and progress. In acoustic field, our team as a whole team has received considerable praise from customers being served.

Ultimately, we have built up strategic cooperation partnership with AVIC aero design institution and signed long term level-2 contract in providing acoustic engineering service. In return, AVIC aero design institution and aero engine research institution have assisted in rendering technique and design support to us. With the successful experience of serving our clients all over the world, including GE, SIEMENS, MHPS, MDS, ALSTOM, MTU, CENCO, etc, we have created one of the most trusted professional services organisations in the world.

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